Saturday, May 15, 2004

The Inhumanity of Humanity 

We have all been challenged by viewing incongruous images of sweet faces juxtaposed over brutal torture. We've watched with shocked eyes the innocent heartlessness of this young child of a woman holding a fellow human being on a leash as if we were watching a new sequel to Planet of the Apes -- an image that evokes the metaphor of a young nation that wants to do good, but falls far from its own proclaimed morals by not offering the same kind of respect for others that we demand for ourselves.

An event like this has the potential to transform the world for better or for worse, depending on whether we are able to receive the many lessons inherent within all that we have seen, heard, thought, and felt about this shocking situation -- individually, as a country, and as a world of human beings who have a choice regarding what kind of world we live in and will live in. I pray that we make good choices.

As I watch these incongruous images passing through the media and onto my computer and television screens, teachings from various spiritual traditions come to mind -- for example, how the subtle energies of whatever actions and experiences have happened in a location can stay in that physical location and also affect others who enter that place. You know, just because we can't see something doesn't mean it's not there. Sometimes, such as in the realm of quantum mechanics, certain phenomena must be inferred by their effects without being specifically seen or scientifically measured. Such is the nature of energy vibration, and the interweaving of the spiritual levels of life with the so-called physical realm.

Actions, emotions, and thoughts -- referred to as "karma" by some philosophical traditions -- take form on a subtle level and remain in a place. Due to the power of positive thoughts and actions, holy temples and shrines become so filled with pure vibrations that they are even said to heal those who enter their walls. Every person's personality is like an array of violin strings, which begin to vibrate in tune with the atmosphere around us, on many levels, and in both directions - as we both affect and become affected by our environment. Just imagine the effects of spending many months within these walls which have received rivers of blood and decades of anguished cries. Clearly, the terrible energy of this place has contributed to bringing out the worst in those who had been trusted with bringing freedom to the very people who were tortured.

Human beings can be quite a barbaric species, and there, but for grace, go you and I, who have been fortunate to not have to spend our days and months in a place where decades of incomprehensible barbaric actions have taken place. May we also send blessings to all around the world who have stooped to such ways, because they have to live with themselves.

My opinion is that leveling this particular building and creating something beneficial to humanity in its place would be a good idea. And I also feel that every American must bow his and her head in apology to those who have suffered such horrific treatment under the hands of our youth on command, as well as those above them who, through ignorance, incompetence, or intention, allowed such actions to take place in our name.