Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We are all Susan Boyle 

How is it that this simple woman, this YouTube sensation from "Britain's Got Talent," has so deeply touched the soul of humanity? 

Surely we are not shallow enough to think that only polished, good-looking, young, and fashionable folks have talents such as the ability to sing on tune with a pleasant timbre. 

Yet, in the midst of pirate attacks, teabag revolutions, and a significant economic crisis, the world stood with tears in our eyes and warmth in our hearts while witnessing Susan Boyle’s simple humility, fearless abandon, and a voice that comes not from training, but from grace.

Susan’s video clip helps us to remember the truth about ourselves: No matter what we look like or how much we have or haven’t accomplished in life, and no matter how well or poorly we think of ourselves, our higher nature knows that we carry within ourselves a greatness that could – given the right inner and outer circumstances – make even Simon Cowell’s face melt into a puddle of love and bring the world to its feet in joy and jubilation. 

According to spiritual sages, every one of us is more beautiful and great than we could ever imagine. Susan’s example helps us to remember and bring forth the beauty we all have inside.

From Spirituality For Dummies:
“Spirituality says that even if you think you’re limited and small, it simply isn’t so. You’re greater and more powerful than you have ever imagined. A great and divine light exists inside of you. This same light is also in everyone you know and in everyone you will ever know in the future. You may think that you’re limited to just your physical body and state of affairs — including your gender, race, family, job, and status in life — but spirituality comes in and says, ‘There is more to you than all these qualities and labels.’”

Watch the YouTube clip of Susan’s audition here:

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