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Spirituality for Everyone

new book
based on Spirituality For Dummies

A Modern Quest for Eternal Truth

spiritual adventure memoir

The Diamond Sutra Sung in English

audio, video, and book

The Glorious Bhagavad Gita

sung in English

The Great Space of Supreme Consciousness

audiobook of Nityananda's "Chidakasha Gita"

Shree Guru Gita

Sanskrit chanting
audio and video

Secrets of Spiritual Happiness

book and audiobook

Kashmir Shaivism Scriptures

recited in Sanskrit
and English

Breakthrough Consciousness

metaphysics book

Waves of Ecstasy

live music performances

Shree Rudram

Vedic recitation


With More to Come...



After 17 years, the good advice, teachings, stories, and quotes in Spirituality For Dummies are now available with a friendlier title!



                      (Audio Book currently in the works)





The Spiritual Adventure Memoir, A Modern Quest for Eternal Truth






Secrets of Spiritual Happiness -- book, e-book, and audiobook



                         With audio for each chapter




Shree Guru Gita sung in Sanksrit

     With On-Screen English Translation

          From a live performance









Things That Make You Go Oooommmmmm






The Diamond Sutra Sung in English


          From a live performance












The Glorious Bhagavad Gita Sung in English

               With all 18 chapters
                     (this file is too large to offer for download)




Bhagawan Nityananda's Chidakasha Gita

            With full 3 hour-plus audio
    (this file is too large to offer for download)


Breakthrough Consciousness

















Shree Rudram -- Sanskrit Vedas Recitation


           From a live performance

Waves of Ecstasy: LIVE Devotional Chants and Songs


With More to Come!



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