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Chapter 1

Chapter 2
A Being in Time

Chapter 3
All in the Mind

Chapter 4
I Chose This?

Chapter 5
Speed, Winning, and Jesus Christ Superstar

Chapter 6
Exploring the Unconscious

Chapter 7
The Threshold of Life

Chapter 8
When the Student is Ready

Chapter 9
Magical Meeting

Chapter 10
Toward the One

Chapter 11
Who is Shiva?

Chapter 12
Destiny Calls

Chapter 13
Winter Wonderland

Chapter 14
This Karmic Dance

Chapter 15
The Fruits of Surrender

Chapter 16
That Gracious Glance

Chapter 17

Chapter 18
Totally One With Him

Chapter 19
Clothed in Devotion

Chapter 20

Chapter 21
She Still Thinks She Did It!

Chapter 22
Perfect Mistakes

Chapter 23
Taming the Beast

Chapter 24
Leaving the Ashram

Chapter 25
The Great Guiding Force

Chapter 26
The Wish-Fulfilling Tree

Chapter 27
Kumuda Gump


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The purpose of this memoir is to awaken readers to new ways of looking at their own lives as they join author Sharon Kumuda Janis on a metaphysical cruise through her interesting and educational life, with stories that reveal the humor and pathos of a quest for eternal truth in our modern-day world.

Sharon’s eclectic journey includes taking a three-month course in hypnosis with her psychology teacher parents at age seven, explorations of consciousness while studying neuroscience at the University of Michigan, ten years living a monastic life in an Indian-based ashram (the same path from Eat Pray Love), then a transition from monastic life to Hollywood, where the author jumps into an award-winning television and film career, editing and producing some of the most popular shows of the 1990s, and helping to start or uplift the career of many famous, nonfamous, and infamous people, before retreating to a peaceful life of creative solitude and service, writing books including Spirituality For Dummies, and creating the well-stocked website of free multimedia spiritual resources at www.nightlotus.com.

By Sharon Kumuda Janis, Author of Spirituality For Dummies



Spirituality For Dummies is a Mecca for those who are sincerely seeking the genuine meaning and practice of spirituality.  Sharon Janis fuses mystical insights drawn from the east/west approaches, resulting in a volume that opens the heart, exhilarates the mind, and inflames the soul.  No matter upon which rung of the spiritual ladder you now stand, expect to be catapulted to the next level of awareness through practice of the wisdom-offerings in this scripture of Truth.

Michael Bernard Beckwith




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