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Watch: The Documentary "Peace Pilgrim: An American Sage Who Walked Her Talk"

Watch: Purnadas: King of the Ecstatic Baul Singers

Watch: The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Music Video

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You can find more information or order a copy of this video from:



Shantipuri Friends Foundation: Giving
Children in India a Brighter Future

Produced, Scripted, and Edited by Sharon Janis

Click to watch


The Faces of CalWORKs

This video shows what happens when government and good hearted people come together to uplift the lives of those who need and deserve a hand up.

Produced, directed, scripted, music composition and singing,
and editing by Sharon Janis and Night Lotus Productions, in association with
UCSD Healthcare and the county of San Diego's Health and Human Services, with input from many associate agencies and the heads of San Diego's human services departments, including domestic violence, mental health, drug and alcohol, and homelessness.


An inspiring 21-minute documentary about a government program that offers resources and one-on-one care to lift people up -- often out of dire circumstances -- and help them to create a successful life for themselves and their children. Sponsored by the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency in collaboration with the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. This video has been playing in welfare offices, homeless shelters, domestic violence programs, and regularly on the San Diego County Television station. Watch the whole video in this clip.


What One Man Can Do:
For The Hunger Project

Produced, scripted and edited by Night Lotus Productions

Click on the TV to View this Video Clip

This video honors Raul Julia's work with The Hunger Project, and powerfully shows why he was so emphatic, enthusiastic, and dedicated to the vision of ending hunger on this planet.

Purna Das: The King of Bauls

Produced, camera, scripting, editing, and voiceover by Sharon Janis

Click on the Montage to View this Video Clip

The Bauls of Bengal are a tradition of religious minstrels whose songs of joy, love, and longing for mystical union with the Divine evoke a profound spirituality. Purna Das and his son Dibyendu Das, representing the 8th and 9th generations of a traditional and well-known Baul lineage, are featured in this 23-minute long video, offering their ecstatic and colorful music, and explaining the sublime nature of Baul.




"Om Namah Shivaya":
Krishna Das's First Music Video

Co-scripted and edited by Sharon Janis



"Real People, Real Healthcare Needs"
For President Obama's OFA

Produced, scripted and edited by Sharon Janis


"Be a Friend" (Om Ganesha Om)

A 2012 musical montage update of the joy that has been created in the midst of the Karunalaya Leper Colony with education and care supported by Shantipuri Friends Foundation.


Friends of Joshua Orphan Care in Malawi

Produced, Scripted, and Edited by Sharon Janis


Odissi Dancing by Students in San Diego

Produced, filmed, and edited by Sharon Janis



Previously Produced Video Works:

Go Go Power Rangers! The Music Video

Co-directed and edited by Sharon Janis

Click on the TV to View this Video Clip

Or Click Here to view at YouTube

Now you can't say that the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was not an inspired show! It was the number one children's program around the globe for several years in the 1990's. Sharon Janis was an editor for the show, and also created this music video for Top of the Pop's.   This video was produced by Simon Cowell while he was living in his parents' house due to financial lack, and it was his first great success as this video propelled the song to the Top of the Pops.

CLICK HERE to read Simon Cowell's autobiography pages about this time



News Features from Disney's KCAL
Prime Nine News, Los Angeles

Produced and edited by Sharon Janis

Click on the TV to View this Video Clip

This is a montage of video clips that were produced and edited in the early 1990's for Disney's KCAL-TV in Los Angeles. This was Sharon's first full-time job after spending 10 years living a monastic life, and these pieces show how, with spiritual focus, even so-called tragic events can have great depth of meaning and beauty -- God's creation in action right here on earth.

Help with realplayer here


More news music videos to view from the 1990s:

Fire in the City (emmy nominated piece about the L.A. riots)


Let's be Thankful (emmy nominated piece for Thanksgiving)

Line in the Sand (emmy nominated piece about 1st Gulf war)


Troops Come Home (Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings)






I was also hired to train NBC Network's promo producers on the nonlinear AVID editing system, and to edit the national television promos for many "Must See TV" NBC Shows, including "Seinfeld," "Mad About You," and "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Watch some of these NBC promos in streaming realplayer.





X-Men Animated Television Show

Associate-produced and edited by Sharon Janis

Click on the TV to View this Video Clip


This is a clip from the X-Men television show, which includes a cameo by an animated Sharon Janis with her well-rehearsed lines, "Oh come on, a demon? You must be kidding!" Turns out it was not a demon but just Nightcrawler taking refuge in a monastery, but that's another story.  Sharon was editor and associated producer for this show for two years.




Beretta's Island

Sharon Janis was the Coproducer and Film Editor of the Feature Film "Beretta's Island" with Franco Columbu and his best friend Arnold Schwarzenegger


Watch a trailer for this (not so uplifting) film



Other Television Shows, Film, and Video Pieces
produced and/or edited by Sharon Janis include:


Click on the yellow links to play the clip

Help with realplayer here

Real People, Real Healthcare Needs (For President Obama's OFA initiative)

Candid Camera with Alan Funt

Disney's KCAL Prime Nine News

Television promos for NBC network, including "Seinfeld," "Mad About You," and "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Desert to the Sea -- a music video with T.G. Shepard

Convention Video for Amgen Pharmaceutical

Music Video for Sony Playstation game "The Con"

New campaign music video for Chevrolet

Happy presentation video for Del Webb retirement homes

Charitable work of Pizza Hut

Om Namah Shivaya - a chanting music video of Krishnadas

Yoga is for Everyone Documentary

Financial Education documentary from HUD and the Federal Reserve

A very simple video of Shiva Vishnu temple's Shivaratri celebration

Instructional Documentary on Research Ethics for the National Institute of Mental Health

SYDA Foundation's spirituality-based documentary and educational videos

Red Planet - an animated series for children

Hard Copy (TV show)

Commercials and training videos for: Disney, Infiniti, Bergen Brunswig, Electronics Boutique, McNeil, MOCA, Gensia, Allstate, Heil Brice, and many others




CLICK HERE to contact Sharon and Night Lotus Productions

for your personal, social, business or other project





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