June 2006

Dear Friends,

We are wishing you all many blessings as summer peeks around the corner. This is a quick update to let you know about a couple of events coming up in June, and a new endeavor by Night Lotus Productions (yes, another one!) Here at Night Lotus, this spring has been hopping with new births . We now have our own publishing company, Night Lotus Books, which carries the same intention as Night Lotus Video and Night Lotus Music: .


Two upcoming books:

Secrets of Spiritual Happiness

TENNIS: Play the Mental Game


You can view the cover art and find more information about these books on our new, initial webpage: www.nightlotusbooks.com

This new development is part of the vision I've had for Night Lotus Productions for many years. Once again, a reminder that some visions and aspirations take time to manifest, so we should trust and keep working, and be patient!



In May, I traveled to Washington D.C. for the annual Book Expo and met with many wonderful people in the book industry. Different industries tend to have different flavors of people, and I find the literary industry to have an abundance of intelligent, humble, creative, and friendly folks.

We are currently in discussion with several distributors for our books, and also gave out many signed copies of the advance reader version of Secrets of Spiritual Happiness.

Here, I am in serious discussions with one of the many celebrities attending the expo :

The logo on my shirt -- insisted upon by my "consultants":




Two Upcoming Events in Southern California:


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Our Home Page is:


Free spiritual multimedia resources

We're always adding more music, video, writings, photos, and other resources to our website offerings, so please do check in every now and then for a spiritual refresher or online retreat. Some of our more popular offerings are:

And one of the more popular offerings on our site, believe it or not, is the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers music video that I co-directed and edited in the 1990's, which is viewable on our page of: Photos and Videos from Monastic Life to Hollywood





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Many blessings!



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