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"With spiritual happiness, you are not waiting to be rich before you can be happy, or to find the right person to be happy, or to have more friends to be happy.  You don't need to look different to be spiritually happy; nor do you have to heal all your flaws to be spiritually happy.

"With spiritual happiness, you can look at the world with realistic eyes -- seeing, experiencing, and responding to all the muddled mess that life can sometimes seem to be.  Yet, in the depths of your being, you'll know a peacefulness and contentment that never fades, even while the world may be crashing down around you."


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Read or listen to Secret #5. Remember Who You really Are  

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A Modern Quest For Eternal Truth

A Life-Changing Spiritual Adventure Memoir

By the author of Spirituality For Dummies
and Secrets of Spiritual Happiness

A beautiful and poignant spiritual odyssey that is equally provocative and touching, informative and enlightening, humorous and heartbreaking. 
– Joseph Chilton Pearce

In a larger sense, this memoir is a dialogue between Indian spirituality and Western psychology. The question that Janis answers is: "Can a westerner come to know Indian spirituality and flourish in its depths, even when it is alien to western ways of knowing?'" She answers with a resounding "yes."   – Publishers Weekly

It's a good story, and for those of us who are interested in what exactly goes on in those ashrams, it's hard to put down... Few writers so far have told the tale of what it is like to live and study, heart and soul, with the likes of Muktananda. 
  – RALPH: Review of the Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Inspired by deep guidance and inner listening, this book aims to bring readers to "a sense of wonder and respect for their own journey" and a greater regard for others on their paths.   – NAPRA ReVIEW

It is a book that is very difficult to put down—the kind that keeps you up at night beyond your bedtime.  – 21st Century Books


The purpose of this memoir is to awaken readers to new ways of looking at their own lives as they join author Sharon Kumuda Janis on a metaphysical cruise through her interesting and educational life, with stories that reveal the humor and pathos of a quest for eternal truth in our modern-day world.


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Exploring Who We Are and Why We are Here


A thought provoking combination of scientific and spiritual knowledge, integrated poetically with the kind of insights that come only from deep personal introspection and contemplation. Breakthrough Consciousness gives a unique view into the nature of personality, reality, consciousness, biology, and the incredible, untapped potential that sits right within each person at all times.

"Ultimately, evolution is not something we can make happen. On the contrary, we can’t make it not happen. Our lessons and growth continue even when we try to keep them from happening! The idea behind the evolving consciously is to intentionally open ourselves up to personal, spiritual, and intellectual evolution; to apply our own personal effort to contribute and hopefully bring some benefit to the process of universal growth that, of course, can never be wholly fathomed.

This shift of intention from culture-based desires and accomplishments to inner spiritual growth creates an inner revolution. We begin to see that every step along this path of life takes us one step closer to our true nature, whether it seems we are moving backwards, forwards or side to side. We have to understand and always remember that we are seeing only a small portion of an infinite and amazing universe, a magnificent symphony within which the entire physical universe is but one note. This is what the sages describe as a universal perfection that can never be made imperfect."


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