Enjoy photos of God's Glory in Action

Snapped by Kumuda (Sharon Janis)
in beautiful Cardiff by the Sea







A Video Walk to the Sea

CLICK HERE to view a streaming video of my walk to the oceanside area where all these photos were taken -- the video was filmed, scripted, narrated and edited by an old friend from the ashram where I used to live. This was my friend's first video production, and I think he shows a great talent, heart, perception, timing, and flow in creating this piece. On the day Ajit came for a visit with his new camera, we had one of our rare stormy days in Cardiff by the Sea, thus the title:

"Singin' in the Rain"

Click HERE to play in streaming realplayer



Or Click HERE to play at youtube




A Little Friend

Here are some photos from a visit with one of my squirrel friends on the rock from which most of these photos were taken











What one of my squirrel frinds did with that $20 bill
that fell out of my pocket:








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