April, 2007

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Dear Friends,

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Happy Spring and Easter!

Here is sending blessings to the world at this important time in world history and events.  One hopeful sign through these recent years of wars and aggression is that people do seem to be slowly awakening to the importance of finding peaceful approaches, even in the face of fear or anger.  Of course, the most important step for this is to find peace and spiritual strength within ourselves. 

CLICK HERE to read an Easter message called "Raise Yourself from the Dead this Easter!"


A Concert of Sacred Music

In the last newsletter, I shared about a sacred music concert that I offered at the Sun Valley Opera House for the finale of the Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival.  We've been able to get the original audio recording of the concert, and have edited it together with the video. 

CLICK HERE to watch and listen to each song individually or the whole concert together.  The selections include Shree Guru Gita, Amazing Grace, Bhaja Govindam, The Diamond Sutra, Shree Rudram, and Ave Maria.



An Upcoming Concert


A Kirtan Concert in Encinitas, CA,
April 22, 2007


CLICK HERE for more information



More Videos

You'll find many videos that I've produced or performed available to view online at Google Video and YouTube

Click the above links to get a list of videos in each of these venues.



Spirituality For Dummies, Take Two!


I'm so glad to inform you that Wiley is going to be publishing a new second edition of Spirituality For Dummies, which will be about 1/3rd new material, with a polish of the rest, and -- finally -- a more appropriate cover photo than dark leafless trees around a stagnant stream with barely a few rays of light streaming through.  This time, I think we're going to be going with this beautiful candle photo taken by a wonderful photographer friend.

Many of you have sent kind feedback about the first edition of this book, which has been appreciated.  Yesterday, we received this well-expressed email, which gave even more enthusiasm for moving forward with the second edition:

Dear Sharon: I've been on a spiritual search/journey for the last 5 year's. I've read many books, however "Spirituality For Dummies" is the best book I've encountered. I found your book by accident in a book store that was going out of business--or maybe God or the Universe sent me there!!! The best piece of advise you gave in the book and was an "uhh ha" moment for me was the following: "Even after enlightenment, you're still you!". With all the books & research (online) I've done, I kept expecting a lightning bolt to come down from the sky & I would be transformed--but with the following words: "With enlightenment, you may continue playing your role, but with the awareness that you're the one who's playing your role! -- I'm relieved because I thought I was missing something. Thank you for this wonderful, amazing book...I will most likely wear out the pages as I retreat back to it for inspiration & reference. With thanks & love, Cheryl :-)

If you have any specific requests for the new edition, or any favorite books, dvd's, quotes, websites, or other resources that you'd like to share for possible mention in the book, feel free to send them via our contact page.

The  new book should be in bookstores by January, 2008.



Our Spiritual Social Commentary Blog

Visit our Spiritual Social Commentary blog, where we solve the mystery of Sanjaya (from American Idol) in seven easy steps from the simple to the metaphysical.

CLICK HERE to visit our Spiritual Social Commentary Blog


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