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Samba Sadashiva


The Soul of Kirtan

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Watch a video of the kirtan Hari Narayana



Maha Lakshmi is the goddess of good fortune, and this powerful hymn praises and invokes her blessings and abundance




The great mantra


"I honor the great Self of the Universe
as my own innermost self"

From the new Spirituality For Dummies CD

(click arrow to play)




Or, performed in audio as a soulful, freestyle vocal dance:

Om Namah Shivaya



More Group Chants and Kirtans



Listen to: Group Chanting of Om Shree Ganesha

This is a chant to honor Ganesh, represented as
the elephant-faced God who removes obstacles.


Om Shree Ganesha, Jaya Shree Ganesha,
Jaya Guru Ganesha, Namo Namo


Ganapati Paarvati Suta Lambodhara
Jaya Guru Ganesha, Namo Namo (chorus)

Vijna Raajaa Ekadanta Ganesha
Jaya Guru Ganesha Namo Namo (chorus)

Jnaana Devataa Siddhi Veenaayaka
Jaya Guru Ganesha Namo Namo (chorus)



Jagado Dharini Mata Durga

On Video

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The words to this chant are:









Another Chant to the Divine Mother:

Jagadishwari Jai Ma



Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jagadishwari Jai Ma

Jagadishwari, Maheshwari, Bhuvaneshwari Jai Ma


Group Chanting of Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram

This chant glorifies and celebrates the Lord that exists in all forms and all temples --
the Universal God we adore, who washes away sins.

Raghupati Raaghava Raajaa Raam
Patiita Paavana Sita Ram, Jai Jai...

Ishwara Allah tere naam,
Sab ko sanmati de Bhagavan
Yesu Christa ati Pavana Naam,
Sab Santana ko kare Pranaam

Raghupati Raaghava Raajaa Raam
Patiita Paavaana Sita Ram, Jai Jai. . .

Sita Raam, Sita Raam, bhaja pyaare tu, Sita Raam

Mandira Masjida Tere Dham, Ishwara Allah tere Naam
Yesu Christa Ati Paavana naam, Saba Santana ko Kari Pranaam


Watch a video of a chant of the Maha Mantra:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Raam Hare Raam
Raam Raam Hare Hare



Click the arrow to listen to TRACK 5 from the Spirituality For Dummies CD:

Hare Krishna Group Chant


Group Chanting of Samba Sadaashiva

This is a chant to Lord Shiva, the Transcendent Reality that exists in every soul --

Shiva is beautiful, filled with compassion, revels blissfully
in truth and consciousness, and is the conquerer of death.

Samba Sadaashiva, Samba Sadaashiva,
Samba Sadaashiva, Hara Shambho

He Girijaavara, He Girijaavara,
He Girijaavara, Hara Shambho

He Karunaakara, He Karunaakara,
He Karunaakara, Hara Shambho

He Mrityunjaya, Satchita Sukhamaya,
He Karunaamaya Hara Shambho



Listen to Ecsatic Sufi Qawwalis

Listen to the Qawwali: Sakiya

Oh Wine of Spiritual Ecstasy! (with English translation)


This 20-minute lament of a Sufi lover of God takes us from gratitude, through devotion, into divine madness, then a touch of doubt, before coming back to supreme gratitude and trust. The English translation is included, interspersed with the heartfelt Urdu lyrics:

"Banish this Cup of worldly wine from my sight!
I have not taken a vow to abstain from drinking, but you have not lowered your eyes, and your intoxicating glance fills me so completely that it leaves no room for any mortal wine."


Listen to the Qawwali: Na Kahin Se Dur

The Mystery Between the Lover and the Beloved

"He is not God, it is true; but he is not different from God either.
Then what is he and what is he not?
It is a matter between the lover and the beloved."


Listen to the Qawwali: Mera Muksud Hai

You Are My Goal, My Heart's Desire

"Why should I beg for anything from anyone?
You, my Lord, give everything with Your Unseen Hand!"


Listen to a 2nd version of Mera Muksud Hai, with English translation


ABA MAIN KAHAN (Hindi Bhajan, sung acapello: "Now where can I take refuge, leaving your feet? O my Beloved, I have become Yours, giving up all distinction between You and me.")

AISA JNANA (Hindi Bhajan: "This is my knowledge...the whole world has arisen from Consciousness and it is not distinct from Consciousness.")

BHAGYA BADE (Hindi Bhajan: Brahmananda says, "How great is my fortune that I found my Satguru!)

BHAJA GOVINDAM (Shankaracharya teaches about the nature of life and death in the powerful text -- includes Sanskrit and English translation)

EK MASTANA YOGI ("A blissful yogi has come!" A beautiful tribute to Baba Muktananda, composed by Hari Om Sharan, and sung by Hari Om Sharon Janis ;)    CLICK HERE to read the translation.

GURU CHARANA KAMALA (Hindi Bhajan by Brahmananda: "The ocean of worldliness is so deep and unfathomable. I couldn't reach the other shore and I was drowning. Then I received Guru's grace, and in a moment I was saved.")

HANUMAN CHALISA (Sanskrit Prayer by Tulsidas to the God Hanuman, which inspires courage and strength)

HARI NARAYANA (Group chanting about the joys of Lord Rama)

HARI NARAYANA (2nd version) (Group chanting about Lord Rama)

HE NANDA NANDA GOPALA (Group chanting about the joys of Lord Krishna)

JAGADO DHARANI MATA DURGA (Group chanting asking the Goddess Durga to awaken within us)

JAI JAI RAM, KRISHNA HARI (Group chanting of these names of God)

JAYA JAYA SHIVA SHAMBHO (Group chanting to Shiva)

JO BHAJE HARI KO SADA (Another great Hindi bhajan by Brahmananda: "Only if you remember God and chant His Name all the time, will you attain the Supreme. ")

JOGI MATA JA (Hindi Bhajan: Mirabai says, "O Yogi, don't leave, don't leave! Strange and sublime is the path of love and devotion. Reveal its intricasies to me before you leave.")

KRISHNA GOVINDA (Group chanting about the delights of Lord Krishna)

KUNDALINI STAVAH (Kundalini Stavaha is a hymn to the great Universal Energy of Powerful Creation and Transformation - with interspersed Sanskrit and English translation)

MERE BABA (Hindi Bhajan about Swami Muktananda, "This is my Baba's message - Bow to your self, worship your self, your God dwells within you as you.")

MOHANA RE MADHAVA (Marathi abhanga by Tukadyadas: "O Mohana! Please come and meet me. O my beloved, please come!")

MORE MANA RAMAHI (Hindi Bhajan by Mirabai, sung in both Hindi and English, "The Name of the Lord resounds in my heart day in and day out.") This translation is by Ajit Bond.

NAHI KELI TUJHI SEVA (Hindi Bhajan by Janabai: "Lord, out of compassion for your devotee, you have borne all the suffering that came to me in the world, all the troubles that people have piled upon me. You have stayed with me day and night. But I have not served you at all, so I am full of pain.")

PASAYADAN A beautiful prayer for the good of humanity by Jnaneshwar Maharaj

SABA KE LIYE (A bhajan by Tukadyadas, "In our temple, everyone is welcome!")

SARASWATI STOTRAM (A Sanskrit hymn to honor and invoke Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom, the arts, and eloquent speech.)

SHANKARJI KA DAMARU BOLE (A kirtan chant about how different saints sing the name of God in their own ways, including Mirabai, Tukaram, Ramdas, Muktananda, Shankar, and Guru Nanak.)

SHREE KRISHNA, GOVINDA, HARE MURARE (Group chanting about Krishna)

TE NAMA SOPE (A Marathi abhanga by the sage Jnaneshwar Maharaj about the glory of repeating the name of God)




The Diamond Sutra: Sung in English

Also known as the Diamond Cutter Sutra

Listen to an enlightening conversation between the Buddha and his disciple Subhuti


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Waves of Ecstasy

Songs from Indian, Christian, and Sufi traditions in streaming realplayer with information about the songs.

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The Second Edition of Spirituality For Dummies

Book and Devotional Music CD

With a new CD of inspiring spiritual music from
Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jewish traditions in the back of each book.

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and click the book for sample pages and more info





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Recited and Sung in English and Sanskrit



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