A Workshop and Concert:


Experience the Ecstasy

Offered by Kumuda (aka Sharon Janis)

This course focuses on the Maharashtrian poets such as Tukaram, Janabai, Namdev, Surdas, Mirabai, and Jnaneshwar, and also includes other poet sages such as Kabir and Shankaracharya.  We delve into the amazing and ecstatic meanings and experiences behind their profound, devotional words and music.

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Bhajan songs:

Surdas: Aba Na Banee To

This song by the Indian sage Surdas tells us how to make good use of the great and rare blessing of this gift of human life.

If you don't do it now, then it will never be done. A human body is not acquired again and again. This human birth is like a precious diamond. Why have you let it go to waste? You didn't keep the company of saints and seekers, nor did you sing the praises of the Lord. Know that your mother is not going to give you this birth again!

Aba na banee to fir na banegee,
Nara tana baara-baara nahee milataa
Heera saa janma kyon birathaa ganvaayo
Na satsanga kiyo na hari guna gaayo
Jananee teree tujhe fira na janegee


       Mirabai: More Mana Ramahi Raama Ratai

This song was composed by Mirabai, a woman sage from India.

The name of God is like a golden cup full of sweet nectar. Who can resist drinking it! The Name of the Lord resounds in my heart, day in and day out.

Ram, Ram, Ram, Sri Ram, Ram Ram
Ram, Ram, Ram, Sri Ram, Ram Ram

Kanaka katoraa amrta bhario
Peevata kauna natai
More mana raamahi raama ratai
More mana raamahi raama ratai



Tulsidas: Hanuman Chalisa

Sanskrit Prayer to Hanuman by Tulsidas that inspires courage and strength


Video: Bolo Hare Rama -- a Bhajan by Tulsidas



Shankaracharya: Bhaja Govindam

Shankaracharya teaches about the nature of life and death in the powerful text -- includes Sanskrit and English translation


Video: Bhaja Govindam


              Jnaneshwar: Te Nama Sope

A Marathi abhanga by the sage Jnaneshwar Maharaj about the glory of repeating the name of God

Video Clips of Kirtan Chants:


Shree Krishna Govinda with Jamesway Story



Samba Sadashiva


Jai Jai Shiva Shambho




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