Spirituality Speaker Sharon Janis

Previous Events

Sharon has spoken at writers conferences ("Getting Your Spiritual Book Published Without Selling Your Soul"), at expos, film festivals, yoga studios, bookstores, and churches, and has been a frequent lecturer at the Golden Door Spa, (where Spirituality For Dummies is included in every guest room), speaking on topics including "Inner Makeover," "How to be Spiritual in a Material World," "Transforming Yourself From the Inside Out," and "Lessons from a Monastic Life to Hollywood."

the Golden Door Spa in Escondido, CA


The Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival

Sharon participated in a panel on "Spirituality in America" with Dr. Matthew Fox and Dr. Nathan Katz

Our panel enjoying one of many fine moments together during the 4-day festival:


Read a blog entry about this event


At the 2006 Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival, Sharon Janis' chanting reverberated through the Opera House, lifting the audience to new levels, and opening their hearts and minds to the sacred.  -- Claudio Ruben, Co-Director of Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival

"Sharon feels like the heart of the festival. She brought a whole different understanding and energy to our dialogue, and I so appreciate that." -- Mary Gervase, Co-Director of the Sun Valley Film Festival



"A Devotional Music Tapestry Concert "

With Sharon Janis singing devotional songs from various spiritual traditions.

Click the play arrow on the screen to play a video of Sharon singing
Ave Maria from the end of this concert in flash format


Click here to watch the full concert on YouTube


The Learning Annex:


This course was also offered at the SDSU Writers Conference

and the SWC Writers Conference

Play the audio:

Getting Your Spiritual Book Published Without Selling Your Soul (1:35:00)


Seaside Church:


Workshops given at the:

Include "Chat 'n' Chant" and "Be an Artist of Life"



At the 2006 Book Expo of America



A Barnes & Noble Concert


Kirtan Chanting at DevaLoka Yoga Studio


CLICK HERE to play audio and video of Sharon singing Kirtan



A little attempt at stand-up
La Jolla, CA, August 2006:





A Tapestry of Sacred Music with Sharon Janis

at Jyoti Mandir in Encinitas, CA

A concert of Kirtan chants, Sufi Qawwali, Christian hymn, Gospel song, Marathi Abhanga, and more, with introductions, information, and stories.

* The sound is not perfect quality or mix, and the singing sections tend to be better audio quality than the speaking.

CLICK HERE to play selections or the entire concert





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