Ek Mastana Jogi Aya Re

"An Ecstatic Yogi Has Come!"




Here you can play the Hindi Song Eka Mastana Jogi

"An Ecstatic Yogi Has Come!"

This song was composed by Hari Om Sharan
in honor of Swami Muktananda


Play it Sung Live with English Translation:



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He has come!  

A blissful yogi has come

to awaken our inner shakti (divine spiritual energy).

An ecstatic yogi has come to awaken us

to the eternal sound of So'ham ("I am That") within us.

How will we sing of his greatness?  

Our voices stop and stammer.  

How will we gaze at his face?  

Our heads bow lower and lower.  

He has brought the holy light to show the path to God.

Wherever he places his feet, that place becomes sacred.  

Whomever he looks at for a second,

in them the divine power awakens.  

He has brought the nectar to make our lives immortal.

Supernatural powers serve at his feet;

devotion itself fans him.  

His clothes are that of a mendicant,

though he is a Paramahamsa (great soul).  

He is called the emperor of emperors 

because he awakens the knowledge

beyond invisible and inaudible knowledge.

His speech is that of the scriptures.

His ways are incredible

and whatever he says is mysterious.  

Sometimes he showers you with the tenderest love,

but at other times, he will yell at you.  

Yet, everything he says is full of meaning.  

His every word is a vehicle of the Truth,

but only a rare person can recognize this.

He destroys all the delusion of a person,

and makes you able to grasp the true knowledge

that the individual soul and God are one.  

He unmasks the Absolute before us.  

Eternal bliss flows from him constantly,

and whoever comes will bathe in that bliss.

The words of Muktananda

will spread immortal light everywhere.  

Sleeping atoms will begin to dance.  

Every creature will wake up.  

A true universal guru has come,

whether everyone realizes it or not.

Bound by the chains of materialism,

men stumble and stagger,

being beaten around by the world.  

Caught in the web of birth and death,

they never know true happiness.  

Merge in Muktananda,

for he has come to give us liberation.

Shattering the illusion of individuality,

he has come to bestow self-knowledge,

to tell us, "You are beyond birth and death;

you are That!"  

He has come to turn our minds inward,

to show us our true form.

O Lord of Lords, you overflow with divine grace.  

What service can we offer you?  

We fold our hands in salutation

and bow our heads at your feet.  

We have come to take refuge in you,

to offer our all to you.

He has come!  

A blissful yogi has come

to awaken our inner shakti (divine spiritual energy).

An ecstatic yogi has come to awaken us

to the eternal sound of So'ham ("I am That") within us.


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