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Feedback for this recording:


How absolutely exquisite your Sri Guru Gita is! I am about to go to sleep but was mesmerized by the great love and peace in your chanting. Let's make some music someday... I hear your gorgeous heart and feel the many worlds you have moved through to sing like this now. A blessing to this world!

-- Jazz singer Ann Hampton Callaway

Thanks so much for your website and this recording. I cried the first time I listened. I felt like I found a part of myself that has been missing for a long time. Best wishes,

-- David

Someone posted your website on a Siddha Yoga message site with reference to the Gita. I have been chanting the Guru Gita most mornings since late last year. When I heard your rendition of the Gita I burst into tears--it is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. It is such an inspiration and has so reconnected me self with the feelings and love I have for the practices, the Guru, and SY. I hope to meet you sometime to thank you personally. Blessings and Much Love,

-- Steve

Thank you so much for the beautiful CD of you singing the Guru Gita. Your voice is fantastic and your ennuciation is the best I've heard. After so many years (about 8) of chanting the GG almost every morning, I never was able to pronounce all the words correctly so I do admire someone, especially a Westerner, who has  the ability to do so. But most of all, I  appreciate the opportunity to hear in the mornings your beautiful rendition of the Guru Gita. It puts me back "in the groove". Thanks again!

-- Kubera

Just wanted to thank you for the Guru Gita. A friend of mine died last week and I sat to do the Guru gita with you before the viewing. It was so full of love and longing. It was perfect for the occassion. It really felt like an offering. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-- Denise

I love your Guru Gita chanting CD. The power and wisdom of the Gita vibrates with peace and radiates with divine light. Your voice is filled with the consciousness and presence of God. With great love and respect,

-- Devaki

Your chanting of the Shri Guru Gita is clear in its musical message of calm and even representation of the truth it says. This work of yours so generously available on the Internet will bring me great consolation and a learning opportunity. I would like to pay you my profound respects for this and offer you the sincerest thanks for your contribution, your dissemination to this one Devotee, myself, of an ancient hymn which I have missed and loved in small part for many, many years. Now the entire stotram is here and alive in word, spirit and resplendent sound. The musical calm you claim with it is what is so outstanding to me. Please accept my thanks. Hari om,

-- Marilynn


Thank you for having the Guru Gita on your website. I have re-aquainted myself with this chant from years ago (10). But what I'd like to say is your version is so moving (I prefer it to any version I have heard), no offense to Gurumayi or Baba. I am really enjoying it. Thank you! My next question is this - my car only has a tape cassette - any way to get your version on a tape? Thank you!

-- Patty


I loooooove your Guru Gita CD sooooo much I play it every day. It's gorgeous! The devotion and love in your voice is palpable. I want to give it to several friends. How do I get more copies???

-- Moniki


I had never heard of the 'GURU-GITA' until reading 'EAT,PRAY'LOVE' By Elizabeth Gilbert . Then I began my search on the 'NET' and I found the "GITA" along with your angelic voice. Thanks for being there. I know that I'm on a new level in the healing process.

-- Deborah




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More Songs about the Guru:

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GURU CHARANA KAMALA (Hindi Bhajan by Brahmananda: "The ocean of worldliness is so deep and unfathomable. I couldn't reach the other shore and I was drowning. Then I received Guru's grace, and in a moment I was saved.")

MERE BABA (Hindi Bhajan about Swami Muktananda, "This is my Baba's message - Bow to your self, worship your self, your God dwells within you as you.")

BHAGYA BADE (Hindi Bhajan: Brahmananda says, "How great is my fortune that I found my Satguru!)

EK MASTANA YOGI ("A blissful yogi has come!" A tribute to Swami Muktananda, composed by Hari Om Sharan)    CLICK HERE to read the translation.



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