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Individually, as we close our eyes to go to sleep, we also close our minds and let go of our conscious awareness.  Then, upon awakening again, we reopen the eyes of our personal awareness and, in a sense, recreate the world.   While asleep, we close our physical eyes and open the inner vision, as countless worlds dance across our personal screen of consciousness.   Even the very neurons that support, activate and guide our awareness are like big on/off switches.   These cycles of opening and closing, motion and stillness, consciousness and unconsciousness, are reflected throughout universal life.  

From the tiniest molecular level to our highest consciousness, we see these same cycles of opening and shutting, appearance and dissolution.   Some philosophers have postulated that the entire universe blinks off to complete blackness, a black hole if you will, every so many billions of years.   According to others, the universe is blinking on and off constantly, at a speed so rapid as to be imperceptible to our sensory and mental mechanisms.  


The tangible world is movement, say the Masters, not a collection of moving objects, but movement itself.  There are no objects "in movement", it is the movement which constitutes the objects which appear to us:  they are nothing but movement. This movement is a continued and infinitely rapid  succession of flashes of energy . . .  All objects perceptible to our senses, all phenomena of whatever kind and whatever aspect they may assume, are constituted by a rapid succession of instantaneous events.

-- The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects


Perhaps this entire universe is created and dissolved billions of times a second.   Maybe infinite potential universes are, in this way, co-existing along with our human time scale and its so-called physical universe.   After all, what we call a "second," is valid only in reference to our human perception of time.   One day for a human being might be an entire lifetime for some insects.   A trillionth of one second in the universal realm of time might be equal to many centuries of a human being's time frame.   Even within the experience of one person, time is a very subjective experience.   There are times when five seconds seem terribly long, perhaps filled with thoughts, ideas and worries.   And there are other times when complete days seem to pass so quickly, almost unconsciously.   

Our forefathers decided that the aspect of time that is captured by our clockwork machines is the definitive, unquestionable, undisputedly accurate measurement of all time, and the entire set of world views we have since built on this structure are all inherently limited because of it.  For example, it is possible for a person in a state of meditation to slow their mind so deeply that subjective time itself becomes malleable, but very few have explored and explained how this "time distortion" takes place.  

So many eyes are opening and closing throughout our lives that we don't usually notice our countless facets of attention and awareness blinking on and off.   It is similar to the effect of watching movie film move through a projector at twenty-four frames per second, while perceiving an illusion of steady, constant movement on the screen. At just twenty-four shutters each second, we do not see the black spaces between the images of a movie. Just imagine then how difficult it would be for us to perceive the constant creation and dissolution of entire universes that may be going on -- hundreds, millions, perhaps even billions of times every second.   

Then you have all the dimensions that exist beyond time, as the eternal form of being.   In the timeless realm of pure existence, this flashing on and off, the opening and closing of the eyes of consciousness in all places and within all history, is all occurring simultaneously.   This close relationship of all the universal energies is what give the possibility that a person can live in the higher realms and the most mundane realms all at the same time, flashing back and forth between the various experiential worlds so quickly as to be virtually imperceptible. 


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