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None of the materials we use to create our so-called "man-made" objects come from outside of this planet, or from outside of the universe, from outside of Life and Existence itself. Even the most toxic chemical substances are technically natural.  Man-made is also nature-made.

Inspired by the human sense of self-preservation, we've tried to stay away from harmful things and have done our best to lower the amount of poison on this planet. Yet, our species continues to increase the radiation, smog and pollution in spite of our awareness and fear of their destructive results. This, whether we like it or not, seems to be part of what we are programmed to do.

We may end up being cancers in the body of this earth, but if we are able to somehow destroy her, it is because our programmed functions have included the output of gases and other toxins that pollute the arteries and veins of this earth so badly that even her "earth immune system" is not able to clear us away before we cause fatal damage.

The earth is getting older. Each earthquake pushes up the mountainous wrinkles upon her face; every volcano releases more of her inner life force. One day the earth will lie lifeless, certainly when our Sun star begins to fizzle up and out, if not before. This day is likely to be a long way off, though we can never know for sure. Perhaps our earth's immune system will identify us finally as a true danger and send her lymphocytes in the form of fires, hurricanes, worldly disasters, or plagues of death to destroy our race — this dis-ease of humanity that is compromising her health.

One extremely contagious and deadly viral plague could potentially wipe out human life on this planet within a very short period of time, perhaps allowing the earth to go into remission from the disease of human pollution — while still, however, continuing to age and move toward her own inescapable final stage of the life cycle — dissolution. 

One explosion of a nuclear reactor — which is as much a part of the nature on this earth as that anthill outside your front door — could kill countless people, pouring radiation throughout the globe that could weaken the rest of humanity, perhaps inhibiting its ability for pro-creation.

A single meteorite could slam into our planet, destroying the plague of humanity as a T-cell might blast the viral intruders in our bodies. The Shoemaker-Levy comet that hammered Jupiter in 1994 would have destroyed the earth three times over. The large meteorite theory is one way scientists have come up with to explain why all dinosaur life seems to have ended at one moment in time, instead of slowly dying off. The impact of one large meteorite could have created a dust storm large enough to block sunlight completely from all the life on earth. This worldwide destruction theory is supported by the fact that no dinosaur fossils have been discovered anywhere on earth beyond a specifically dated layer of rock.

The point is that we don't know.

But even while we fight pollution and crime, even while we look for cures for disease and try to avoid disasters, it is possible to maintain a parallel, higher awareness of what might be going on here, of the all encompassing nature that manifests as everything on this planet: man-made, bird-made, ant-made, and ultimately Universe- and God-made.

This higher awareness becomes a support — a refuge that allows us to take rest inside ourselves, in the awareness of oneness and perfection. To ignore the logical reality of our existence as an integral part of the infinite play of nature is simply closing our eyes to the truth for the sake of maintaining illusions that may comfort and maintain our egocentric limitations.


by Sharon Janis


BREAKTHROUGH CONSCIOUSNESS brings a combination of spiritual, psychological, metaphysical, philosophical, and scientific teachings that can help readers expand and open their minds into new possibilities and worldviews.



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