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The phenomena of life can be compared to a dream, a ghost,
an air bubble, a shadow, glittering dew, the flash of lightning —
and must be contemplated as such.

— Buddha


Over the past few decades, many students at the Stanford University sleep lab have been trained to become lucid in their dream state.  While being chased by criminals, for example, they'll become aware it is just a dream — their dream — and will take control of the reins, flying off to a preferable place, while the bad guys dissolve back into the ether of consciousness.  Developing an understanding of the nature of maya, illusion, is like learning to be a lucid waker rather than a lucid dreamer.  You can dance more freely through your life, without holding on to old habits and fears.  Although the old self-preservation instincts may still have their place, in your deepest heart you are not afraid of death, because you know that only illusion can die. 

Some say that an understanding of illusion is detrimental to the world, and that it might cause one to think their life is worthless and meaningless.  But this fear comes from a misunderstanding of maya's glory.  With a glimpse into the nature of this world as maya, life becomes more amazing and filled with meaning.  Even the butterfly landing on a flower next to you is filled with beautiful, metaphorical significance.  From this space, we can actually accomplish much more in life, and enjoy it more fully.  We know we are playing wonderful, important, and ultimately illusory roles in this universal play of Consciousness.  With this insight comes a sense of appreciating both the ups and downs of human life.  As my teacher has beautifully expressed, we learn to "smile at our destiny." 

Without an understanding of the illusory nature of this world, we can't fully enjoy even the blessings that come our way, because there are so many underlying fears for the future.  Without an understanding of the nature of maya, even success can bring unhappiness, because there is so often an underlying fear of loss. 


With enjoyment, comes fear of disease
With social position, fear of disfavor
With riches, fear of hostile people
With honor, fear of humiliation
With power, fear of enemies
With beauty, fear of old age
With scholarship, fear of challengers
With virtue, fear of traducers
With the identification with body, fear of death
Everything in this world is done with fear
Renunciation alone makes one fearless.

                                        — Bhartruhari


An understanding of the nature of illusion helps us to achieve an attitude of faith and renunciation.  With these gems, we can witness the events of life from a higher viewpoint, even while we continue to play the game.





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