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We can keep uncovering layers upon layers of ever-expanding and increasing knowledge; but the infinite continues to be infinite, and our finite knowledge cannot do anything more than touch or allude to it -- and keep growing within it.   Though this idea may be frightening to a person who needs to feel control over his or her world, it eventually, with time, becomes a comforting cradle that whispers to us, "Everything is fine . . . All is as it should be."   

In fact, the act of letting go into "not knowing" can be a powerful tool in opening up our consciousness into higher realms of experience and understanding.   An Indian scripture states, "He who thinks he knows, knows not; and he who thinks he knows not truly knows".  


None are more hopelessly enslaved
than those who falsely believe they are free.

-- Goethe


There may be an initial discomfort in having the egocentricity we've always depended on proven to be a myth, just as when we first realize as a child that our parents are not perfect or all-powerful.   The truth is that we'd like to think we know what's going on around here, and it takes a leap of faith to let go and float in the space of knowing unknowingness -- knowing that we do not know.  

This knowing unknowingness necessitates living on more than one level of awareness at once, and the ability to do so is part of the ongoing evolution of the multifaceted human brain and consciousness.  

With knowing unknowingness, You still change the oil in your car, you still go to work, and you continue to live your life as though it were the reality you always thought it was.   But at the same time, you maintain a connection with your higher knowledge, your awareness of the infinite.   You have built a bridge -- perhaps many bridges --between your normal waking state consciousness of worldly affairs and the vast inner expanded space of pure knowledge, pure existence, a reality beyond conscious comprehension.


All things are known to the soul.   It is not to be surprised by any communication.
Nothing can be greater than it, let those fear and those fawn who will.
The soul is in her native realm; and it is wider than space,
older than time, wide as hope, rich as love.
Pusillanimity and fear she refuses with a beautiful scorn;
they are not for her who putteth on her coronation robes,
and goes through universal love to universal power.

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


Even with a connection to the higher realization of knowing unknowingness, we still have to maintain the conscious responsibility of taking care of our daily activities.   We can't just say, "Well, there is nothing to be done, I am not the doer, and anyway I don't really know what all is going on here.    I'm just a drop in the ocean of consciousness, so I'll just sit here and do nothing at all."

The trick is to live in the higher understanding and the lower understanding at the same time, oscillating back and forth so quickly as to be perhaps imperceptible, in essence having a dual or plural experience of whatever circumstances come our way.   However, this dual awareness is not some kind of dysfunctional personality fragmentation.   Rather, we identify with the unmoving witness consciousness even as we play on all the different levels in whatever way is compatible with each level.   In the ancient Shavite philosophy, this dual experience is described as the play of Shiva and Shakti, with Shiva being the unmanifest essential source of all creation and Shakti being his outer movement and expression in and as this world and everything in it.

Mastering this dual experiencee gives us greater ability to express freely on the more egocentric levels that can be beneficial to certain situations, while remaining anchored in the higher truth beyond ego and the world webs it weaves.   We are better able to express ourselves according to the circumstances, resonating and moving in harmony with the waves of nature.   When it is time to work, we are up and ready to move.   And when it is time to sit quietly, even if it is in the midst of rush hour traffic, we blend seamlessly into our destiny as it unfolds around us.  

Many people think that the spiritual path makes you some kind of unemotional zombie. It is true that a seeker should ultimately become free from ephemeral, external, and egocentric desires and frustrations.   Yet, the full palette of interaction is available to the soul artist, from which we can paint whatever landscape is right for the time.   So if someone does something offensive, we can feel upset or even angry toward them, and express whatever egocentric resentment we may be feeling.   But then, after making our point -- and with practice, even while making our point -- we can retreat into the higher spaces, whether through meditation or just a flick of the will, and use the pure energy within those emotions of anger, fear, or love to propel us even further into a peaceful place of emotional freedom and higher knowledge.  Then we enter the realm of Spanda, or divine creativity.


In that state is the Spanda (universal creation) principle firmly established
to which a person is reduced when he is greatly exasperated or overjoyed,
or is in impasse reflecting what to do, or is running for life.

-- Spanda Karikas


The Spanda throb of universal creation is full and complete.   Even as it unfolds, it is not unfolding.   It is beyond time and space.   It is completely ever-existent, now and forever. It is we who are traveling through time and space via the instruments of our brains and bodies, therefore the world around us appears to be unfolding.  

We come to accept that we exist perfectly within a perfect universe -- inherently, without trying to become anything different than what we are.  Even if we do make efforts to change our approach or actions, there is an awareness of the imperfect as being perfectly imperfect within the grand dance of universal perfection.

We were born into this family of universal perfection, and do not need to know why or how or exactly what the rest of this family of perfection is doing at all times.   Our job is to play our small role with mastery, playing our musical instrument within the greater symphony.  

Just as the electron of an atom in a molecule of a fiber of the wood used in the construction of the desk upon which the Declaration of Independence was signed does not need to know about free speech and free will, about the colonies, the King, or religious freedom, but still performs its function perfectly in the entire process -- in the same way, we don't have to understand the full extent of why we're here or what exactly we are here to do.    

And if it so happens that this entire universe we have perceived, with all its galaxies, solar systems, planets and life forms taken together, are all the components of one molecule of the garbage can under the desk of some creature far beyond our conceptual abilities -- then so be it.

Without the constricting ropes of egocentricity controlling us, demanding the assertion of our individual self-importance, this idea that all we know could be just one molecule of something inconceivably bigger can actually bring a smile to our face and a peace to our heart.  As our awareness expands into these different realms and folds of reality, we have a chance to participate beyond the usual 3 - 10% usage of the brain as posited by some neuroscientists, and into a less egocentric, more universal view of life.



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