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I just finished reading your book and want to tell you how much I enjoyed it, it was the story of a soul sister. Your story will serve as encouragement to all souls who recognize their desire to wake up, to be free and know the truth of their own being. It's a story about the great leela where willingness and trust face the great illusion of separateness. What a leela, what a journey! And your book is a celebration of this magical willingness. Thank you so much!

K.C., Leucadia, CA

I found your story to be completely fascinating.  I have never connected with a writer before like I have with you. You are an excellent writer and I found your story very touching.  It didn't take me long to finish your book.  I took it everywhere with me.  To my friends, on the bus, to work. Your story seemed to comfort me in many ways. I really want to say thank you, not only for writing an outstanding novel but for giving me the strength and hope to follow my dreams and strengthen my inner self, something which I had lost but now have found.

L. H., 18 year old student, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for affording me such a fine Sunday afternoon. I certainly did not know what to expect when I picked up your book - even to the last page! I am confident that there will be more.

Abbot C, O.S.B, 89 year old Benedictine abbot

The main reason I'm writing you this letter is to tell you that I think you have had a very fascinating life.  I have read part of your book Never to Return and even though I am only on chapter seven and on page 71, I feel I already know a lot about you.  I am only nine years old and home-schooled but I still think that your book is very powerful and good for everyone to read. 

A.O., 9 year old, Oceanside, CA

I read Never to Return straight through - took me a day and a half — couldn't put it down. Thank you so much for your book. Reading it was such a powerful experience for me - I was reeling for a couple of days afterwards.

S. W., Sonoma, CA

I just completed reading your book Never to Return, and couldn't wait to write you a note. What a wonderful book you have written! Creative, sincere, honest, deep, moving, inspiring, empowering. While I was reading it, I cried, I laughed, I tried to imagine some of your experiences, I stopped to re-live my own, and thanked you all the way for recording so brilliantly those subtle states that transform us.

E. C., Los Angeles

Your book is a real treat. I have often wondered why no one has written "in-depth" about this Ashram experience - but I also thought that it would be almost impossible to capture the essential qualities of that experience. I believe that you have succeeded in doing just that - and with wit and humor as well. In any event I greatly enjoyed the book and I believe that it will help many seekers - especially those who have difficulty in seeing beyond the facade of ritual.

T. C., Verona, NJ

I just finished reading your wonderful, awe-inspiring story. Our lives have not been alike but you have found words for many things I experienced as I was growing up. One "ah-hah" after another. I kept being pulled out of the mundane and pushed toward the sublime by your words. Reading about your quest allowed me to revisit my own.

K. D., NYC

I just finished your book, Never to Return, and loved it! I just had to write and thank you for your humor, words and TEARS!!

Sister MD, OD, NY

Here I am all in tears – finishing your book. I loved it, especially the inner travel. I enjoyed your story very much. Now, please. . . send your blessings my way that I too share what I received.

O.C., Seattle, WA

I just want to give you my love for letting me participate in the experiences you wrote about in your book.  I found it here at the Golden Sufi Center.  I hope it will get translated into German. I'm going to leave tomorrow back to Germany, and I'm sure that your book will be as valuable for some of my friends there as it is for me.

G.L., Germany

Big belly laughs a bunch of times. It is FUNNY and really insightful. I love how you write. I couldn't put it down. There is so much grace and understanding in this book. People are going to love it.

D. R., Los Angeles






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