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If, instead, you can raise your personal awareness into your greater, universal self, then you have much more ability to direct the play of your life through your power of intention. That is what we are doing with this visualization exercise - elevating our awareness so that we can heal this problem through the powerful intention of our stronger link - our expanded, creative, harmonious, universal link.

Look again at the problem in your great cosmic hand, and know that you can choose to let go of it right now, just by clearly choosing to let it go.   The key is to make your choice unanimous throughout your being - without holding on to the problem situation for whatever side benefits your weaker self may think it is deriving from these negative emotions and thoughts.  

There are many reasons why we may hold on to problems in life - perhaps using sadness or setbacks as excuses for lethargy or mediocrity, or using anger or worry to support a habit of emotional energy bursts, or to score some positive attention or care from others.  

Other reasons for choosing to persevere through troubles may be more positive and spiritual.   Maybe you would choose to stay in an uncomfortable relationship because you know that this is the only way for your soul to release old negative patterns, or to learn how to have more patience, or to uncover your ability to give and love unconditionally.   Maybe you've accepted a time of poverty because you can sense that this challenge is helping you learn how to have greater faith in God's compassionate presence and protection on a day-to-day and minute-by-minute basis.   Troubles can certainly be good inspirations in reminding us to pray, and pray sincerely!  

As you hold this ball of troubles in your hand, see if it holds any benefits that you may wish to keep for yourself. Even just this one step of acknowledging any possible benefits you may be receiving from a set of troubles brings you back into the driver's seat of your life.   You enter back into the realm of choice, the fountainhead of life that creates and recreates everything in every moment.  

Now, take the ball of unwanted feelings and situations that you are holding it in your imagined cosmic hand. Shake the ball of troubles, waving it around enthusiastically until all the particles fly off and become more shimmering stardust streaming through endless, deep, dark space.   Smile and wave at the radiant, lustrous particles that once were your resentment, fears, frustrations, angers, and disappointments.   Goodbye!   Don't come again!  

Watch as all the blue shimmering particles of that circumstance fly freely, dissolving from the ball, and dancing through the tapestry of universal space.   Now, pick up a big cosmic broom, and cheerfully sweep it all away, sprinkling glittering blue light stardust all over, to the farthest reaches of space, as all the particles settle back into the ground from which all creation comes forth.   Appreciate the underlying beauty that existed even in that challenging circumstance, and thank God for giving and now removing the problem.

As other troubles or challenges arise in your journey of life, you can also see them as sparkling particles of divine consciousness, and offer them back into their universal source.  

See the bigger picture of your soul's journey, and be free. Herein lies the essence of spiritual happiness.



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Secrets of Spiritual Happiness

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The Audio Book:




Secrets of Spiritual Happiness

Table of Contents

Read the whole book here

by Sharon Janis



Preliminary notes to the reader

Section One: Exploring Happiness

Defining Happiness

The Science of Happiness

Why is Happiness So Elusive?

Happiness Comes From Within

Are You Already Happy?

Different Folks, Different Strokes (Quotes about Happiness)


Section Two: Introducing Spiritual Happiness

Coining the Term, Spiritual Happiness

The Difference Between Relative and Spiritual Happiness

Spiritual Happiness and the Happiness Hierarchy

What Spiritual Happiness Isn't

The Theories Behind Spiritual Happiness

Upgrading Your Spiritual Happiness Software

Spiritual Happiness in Action

Section Three: 39 Secrets of Spiritual Happiness

1. Relax!  

2. Inspire Your Atmosphere

3. Know Thyself   

4. Enjoy Being You

5. Remember Who You Really Are

6. Know Your Weakest and Strongest Links

7. Cultivate Dual Awareness

8. Happiness is a State of Mind

9. Learning to Smile

10. Play the Game of Life with Empowerment

11. Great Faith Brings Great Freedom

12. Count Your Blessings

13. There's Always Good News

14. Choose Happiness

15. If You're Going to Do Something, Do it Cheerfully

16. Be Aware of the Words You Use

17. Positive Communications Bring Greater Happiness

18. There's Always a Way to Create Happiness 

19. Arrange Your Priorities  

20. A Personal Sharing About Shifting Priorities

21. Don't let Others Tell You What Will Make you Happy       

22. Be Careful About the Company You Keep

23. Don't Let Others Bring You Down  

24. Don't Bring Others Down!  

25. Think Well of Everyone

26. Too Many Expectations Lead to Disappointment  

27. Be a Joyful Giver  

28. Be a Blessing  

29. Finding Grace in Challenges and Blessings From Tragedy  

30. Always Deal With God

31. Let Go of "Punishment Mentality"

32. Things Don't Have to be So Hard

33. Open Yourself to Inner Guidance

34. Do what Your Heart Knows is Right  

35. Uplift Your Motives

36. Trust the Perfection in Imperfection

37. See the Bigger Picture of Your Soul's Journey

38. Enjoy the Trip! 

39. Be Optimistic



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